Holographic MedAssistan

3D operating room with unlimited perspective change and remote support​

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Stages of
the project

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A. Configuration of test environment, development and implementation of spatial recording/playback system

B. Test environment configuration, development and implementation of virtual patient record application system

C. Sample data set selection and first iteration of segmentation algorithm

D. Configuration of the research environment and preparation of the database and server for data transfer


Development of an improved version of the holographic physician assistant


Development of the machine learning (ML) module


Clinical testing and error correction


Project sponsored by LIDER program organized by National Centre for Research and Development

our team

The core team of 4 people is supported by external consultants

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The results
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The Application of Mixed Reality in Root Canal Treatment

Damian Dolega-Dolegowski, Magdalena Dolega-Dolegowska, Agnieszka Pregowska, Krzysztof Malinowski, Klaudia Proniewska

The results obtained show the huge potential of immersive technologies in supporting dental treatment, in particular endodontic procedures. The proposed solution enables a combination of the image, in fact, a 3D hologram, which is visible in Microsoft HoloLens 2 goggles with the enlarged image obtained in a surgical microscope. The plans include connecting the microscope’s video track with HoloLens 2 goggles, which would act as a receiver...


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